Inertial Elements - The Inertial Navigation Hardware Platforms


Inertial Elements is an online store to sell Multi-IMU (MIMU) based inertial navigation platforms The Osmium MIMU Series and their accessories. The multiple MEMS inertial sensors based opensource Osmium platforms enable advanced motion sensing by using Sensor Fusion and Array Signal Processing methods.

The Osmium MIMU platforms enable several niche applications at affordable cost, like foot-mounted pedestrian tracking for first responder rescue systems, gait analysis for healthcare applications, studies in behavioral science (collective decision making, random walk), autonomous robotic systems, 3D motion capture for animation, terrain mapping, adventure sports etc.

Our opensource hardware platforms present great opportunity for system integrators to utilize the technology to full extent for innovative applications. Availability of online support videos, manuals and codes reduce ramp up time. As part of our offering, we support our customers with their customization requests on NRE basis or production volume.

The Osmium MIMU platforms are jointly developed by GT Silicon Pvt Ltd and their research partners at the Signal Processing Department of KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm under OpenShoe project. The technology is widely published and well accepted by the international research community. The platforms are being used in industry and academic research labs across geographies.

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