Strategic Management

Strategic Management
Strategic Management by Prof. R. Srinivasan, Department of Management Studies, IISC Bangalore. For more details on NPTEL visit
Mod-01 Lec-01 Introduction to Strategic Management
Mod-01 Lec-02 Concept of Corporate Strategy
Mod-01 Lec-03 Strategic Management Process - 01
Mod-01 Lec-04 Strategic Management Process - 02
Mod-01 Lec-05 The 7-S Framework
Mod-01 Lec-06 Corporate Policy and Planning in India
Mod-02 Lec-07 Board of Directors - Role and Functions
Mod-02 Lec-08 Board of Directors - Role and Functions, Top Management - Role and Skills
Mod-02 Lec-09 Board Functioning - Indian Context & Environmental Scanning
Mod-03 Lec-10 Environmental Scanning & Industry Analysis
Mod-03 Lec-11 The synthesis of External Factors & External Factors Analysis Summary (EFAS)
Mod-03 Lec-12 Internal Corporate Analysis & Impact Matrix
Mod-03 Lec-13 Value Chain Analysis
Mod-03 Lec-14 Synthesis of Internal Factors - 1
Mod-03 Lec-15 Synthesis of Internal Factors - 2
Mod-03 Lec-16 Internal Factors Analysis Summary (IFAS) & Case Study - 1
Mod-04 Lec-17 Case Analysis
Mod-04 Lec-18 Key Financial Ratios
Mod-04 Lec-19 Case Analysis - 2 & SFAS Matrix
Mod-04 Lec-20 Business Strategy
Mod-04 Lec-21 Corporate Strategy - 1
Mod-04 Lec-22 Corporate Strategy - 2
Mod-04 Lec-23 Corporate Strategy - 3 & Functional Strategy
Mod-04 Lec-24 Functional Strategy - 1
Mod-04 Lec-25 Functional Strategy - 2
Mod-04 Lec-26 Functional Strategy - 3 & Strategic Choice
Mod-05 Lec-27 Strategy Implementation - 1
Mod-05 Lec-28 Strategy Implementation - 2
Mod-06 Lec-29 Evaluation and Control
Mod-06 Lec-30 Strategic Information Systems - 1
Mod-06 Lec-31 Strategic Information Systems - 2
Mod-07 Lec-32 Other Strategic Issues - 1
Mod-07 Lec-33 Other Strategic Issues - 2
Mod-07 Lec-34 Small and Medium Enterprises
Mod-07 Lec-35 Non- Profit Organizations
Mod-08 Lec-36 Summary - 1