High Speed Devices & Circuit

High Speed Devices & Circuit
Lectures by Prof. K. N. Bhat Department of Electrical Engineering IIT Madras
Lecture 1 - Introduction to Basic Concepts
Lecture 2-Requirements of High Speed Devices, Circuits & Mat
Lecture-3-Classifications & Properties of Compound Semicond
Lecture4-Temary Compound Semiconductor and their Application
Lecture5-Temary Compound Semiconductor and their Appl - 2
Lecture 6 - Crystal Structures in GaAs
Lecture 7 - Dopants and impurities in GaAs and InP
Lecture 8- Brief Overview of GaAs Technology for High Speed
Lecture 9 - Epitaxial Techniques for GaAs High Speed Devices
Lecture 10 - MBE and LPE for GaAs Epitaxy
Lecture 11 - GaAs and InP Devices for Microelectronics
Lecture 12 - Metal Semiconductor contacts for MESFET
Lecture13- Metal Semiconductor contacts for MESFET (Contd.)
Lecture14- Metal Semiconductor contacts for MESFET (Contd.)
Lecture 15 - Ohmic Contacts on Semiconductors
Lecture 16 - Fermi Level Pinning & Schottky Barrier Diodes
Lecture 17 - Schottky Barrier Diode
Lecture 18 - Schottky Barrier Diodes
Lecture 19 -Causes of Non-Idealities-Schottky Barrier Diodes
Lecture 20 - MESFET Operation & I-V Characteristics
Lecture 21 - MESFET I-V Characteristics Shockley's Model
Lecture 22 - MESFET Shockley's Model and Velocity saturation
Lecture 23- MESFET Velocity Saturation effect
Lecture 24 -MESFET Drain Current Saturation
Lecture 25 - MESFET : Effects of channel length and gate length on IDS and gm
Lecture 26 - MESFET: Effects of Velocity Saturation
Lecture 27 - Velocity Field Characteristics
Lecture-29-SELF Aligned MESFET-SAINT
Lecture-30-Hetero Junctions
Lecture-32-Hetero Junctions&HEMT(Contd)
Lecture-33-High Electron Mobility Transistor
Lecture-34-HEMT-off Voltage
Lecture-35-HEMT 1-V Characteristics and Transconductance
Lecture-36-Indium Phosphide Based HEMT
Lecture-37-Pseudomorphic HEMT
Lecture-38-Hetrojunction Bipolar Transistors(HBT)
Lecture-39-Hetrojunction Bipolar Transistors(HBT)-2(Contd)
Lecture-40-Hetrojunction Bipolar Transistors(HBT)-3(Contd)