Fundamentals of Operations Research

Fundamentals of Operations Research
Lecture Series on Fundamentals of Operations Research by Prof.G.Srinivasan, Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras.
Lec-1 Introduction to Linear Programming Formulations
Lec-2 Linear Programming Formulations (Contd...)
Lec-3 Linear Programming Solutions- Graphical Methods
Lec-4 Linear Programming Solutions - Simplex Algorithm
Lec-5 Simplex Algorithm-Minimization Problems
Lec-6 Simplex Algorithm - Initialization and Iteration
Lec-7 Simplex Algorithm - Termination
Lec-8 Introduction to Duality
Lec-9 Primal Dual Relationships, Duality Theorems
Lec-10 Dual Variables and the Simplex Tables
Lec-11 Simplex Algorithm in Matrix Form - Sensitivity Analysis
Lec-12 Sensitivity Analysis Transportation Problem (Intro...)
Lec-13 Transportation Problems
Lec-14 Transportation Problem-Optimal Solutions
Lec-15 Transportation Problem-Other Issues
Lec-16 Assignment Problem - Hungarian Algorithm
Lec-17 Other Issues - Introduction to Dynamic Programming
Lec-18 Dynamic Programming - Involving Discrete Variables
Lec-19 Dynamic Programming - Continuous Variables
Lec-20 Dynamic Programming - Linear and Integer Problems
Lec-21 Inventory Models - Deterministic Models