Advanced Materials and Processes

Advanced Materials and Processes
Lecture Series on Advanced Materials and Processes by Prof.B.S. Murty, Department of Metallurgical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. For more details on NPTEL visit
Lec-1 Structure of Materials Part-I
Lec-2 Structure of Materials Part-II
Lec-3 Nano Crystalline Materials Part-I
Lec-4 Nano Crystalline Materials Part-II
Lec-5 Nano Crystalline Materials Part-III
Lec-6 Nano Crystalline Materials Part-IV
Lec-7 Amorphous Materials Part-I
Lec-8 Amorphous Materials Part-II
Lec-9 Amorphous Materials Part-III
Lec-10 Amorphous Materials Part-IV
Lec-11 Amorphous Materials Part-V
Lec-12 Quasicrystals Part-I
Lec-13 Quasicrystals Part-II
Lec-14 Nano Quasicrystals Part-I
Lec-15 Nano Quasicrystals Part-II
Lec-16 Rapid Solidification Processing
Lec-17 Mechanical Alloying
Lec-18 Advanced AI Alloys Part-I
Lec-19 Advanced AI Alloys Part-II
Lec-20 Advanced AI Alloys Part-III
Lec-21 Advanced AI Alloys Part-IV and Ti Alloys
Lec-22 Shape Memory Alloys
Lec-23 Strengthening Mechanisms Part-I
Lec-24 Strengthening Mechanisms Part-I
Lec-25 Superalloys