Advanced Digital Signal Processing

Advanced Digital Signal Processing
Advanced Digital Signal Processing-Wavelets and Multirate by Prof. V. M. Gadre, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay. For more details on NPTEL visit
Mod-01 Lec-01 Introduction
Mod-01 Lec-02 The Haar Wavelet
Mod-01 Lec-03 The Haar Multiresolution Analysis
Mod-01 Lec-04 Wavelets and Multirate Digital Signal Processing
Mod-01 Lec-05 Equivalence:Functions and Sequences
Mod-01 Lec-06 The Haar Filter Bank
Mod-01 Lec-07 Haar Filter Bank Analysis and Synthesis
Mod-01 Lec-08 Relating psi, phi and the Filters
Mod-01 Lec-09 Iterating the filter bank from Psi, Phi
Mod-01 Lec-10 Z-Domain Analysis Of Multirate Filter Bank
Mod-01 Lec-11 Two Channel Filter Bank
Mod-01 Lec-12 Perfect Reconstruction:Conjugate Quadrature
Mod-01 Lec-13 Conjugate Quadrature Filters - Daubechies Family of MRA
Mod-01 Lec-14 Daubechies' Filter Banks - Conjugate Quadrature
Mod-01 Lec-15 Time and Frequency Joint Perspective
Mod-01 Lec-16 Ideal Time Frequency Behaviour
Mod-01 Lec-17 The Uncertainty Principle
Mod-01 Lec-18 Time Bandwith Product Uncertainty Bound
Mod-01 Lec-19 Evaluating and Bounding squareroot
Mod-01 Lec-20 The Time Frequency Plane And Its Tilings
Mod-01 Lec-21 Short Time Fourier Transform and Wavelet Transform In General
Mod-01 Lec-22 Reconstruction & Admissibility
Mod-01 Lec-23 Admissibility in Detail Discretization of Scale
Mod-01 Lec-24 Logarithmic Scale Discretization Dyadic Discretization
Mod-01 Lec-25 The Theorem of (DYADIC) Multiresolution Analysis
Mod-01 Lec-26 Proof of the Theorem of (DYADIC) Multiresolution Analysis
Mod-01 Lec-27 Introducing Variants of The Multiresolution Analysis Concept
Mod-01 Lec-28 JPEG 2000 5/3 FilterBank & Spline MRA
Mod-01 Lec-29 Orthogonal Multiresolution Analysis With Splines
Mod-01 Lec-30 Building Piece wise Linear Scaling Function,Wavelet
Mod-01 Lec-31 The Wave Packet Transform
Mod-01 Lec-32 'NOBEL' Identities And The Haar Wavepacket Transform
Mod-01 Lec-33 The Lattice Structure For Orthogonal Filter Banks
Mod-01 Lec-34 Constructing the Lattice & its Variants
Mod-01 Llec-35 The 'Lifting Structure' And Polyphase Matrices
Mod-01 Lec-36 The Polyphase Approach The Modulation Approach
Mod-01 Lec-37 Modulation Analysis and The 3-Band Filter Bank, Applications
Mod-01 Lec-38 Two Applications,Data Mining,Face Recognition
Mod-01 Lec-39 Proof that a non-zero function can not be both time and band-limited