Transportation Engineering II

Transportation Engineering II
Lecture Series on Transportation Engineering - II by Dr.Rajat Rastogi, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Roorkee.
Lec-1 Introduction to Railway Engineering
Lec-2 Gauges and Permanent Way
Lec-3 Wheel and Axles, Coning of Wheels
Lec-4 Track Resistances, Hauling Capacity
Lec-5 Track Modulus, Stresses in Track
Lec-7 Rails
Lec-6 Stresses in Components of Track
Lec-8 Creep in Rails
Lec-9 Wears & Failures in Rails
Lec-10 Jointed or Welded rails
Lec-11 Sleepers
Lec-12 Ballast
Lec-13 Fastenings
Lec-14 Geometric Design - Alignment of Track
Lec-15 Horizontal Curve & Super elevation
Lec-16 Speeds on Track
Lec-17 Transition Curve & Widening of Track
Lec-18 Vertical Curve & Gradients
Lec-19 Turnouts-Components
Lec-20 Crossing and Design of Turnout
Lec-21 Track Junctions and Designs
Lec-22 Signals Part-1
Lec-23 Signals Part-2
Lec-24 Train Control Systems
Lec-25 Interlocking of Track
Lec-26 High Speed Tracks
Lec-27 Introduction of Air Transport
Lec-28 Aircraft Characteristics
Lec-29 Aircraft Controls, Airport Site&Size Selection
Lec-30 Airport Obstructions
Lec-31 Runway Orientation
Lec-32 Runway Length
Lec-33 Runway Geometric
Lec-34 Taxiway
Lec-35 Exit Taxiway
Lec-36 Aprons and Aircraft Parking
Lec-37 Terminal Area and Building
Lec-38 Terminal Planning and Hangers
Lec-39 Visual Aids-Markings