Programming and Data Structure

Programming and Data Structure
Lecture Series on Programming and Data Structure by Dr. P.P. Chakraborty, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kharagpur.
Lec-1 Introduction
Lec-2 C Programming-I
Lec-3 C Programming-II
Lec-4 C Programming-III
Lec-5 Data Structuring: Case Study-I
Lec-6 Data Structuring: Case Study-II
Lec-7 Data Structuring: Case Study-III
Lec-8 Problem Decomposition By Recursion-I
Lec-9 Problem Decomposition By Recursion-II
Lec-10 Problem Decomposition By Recursion-III
Lec-11 Mergesort And Quicksort
Lec-12 Characters And Strings
Lec-13 Arrays: Addresses And Contents
Lec-14 Structures-I
Lec-15 Structures-II
Lec-16 Dynamic Allocation Part-I
Lec-17 Linked Lists-I
Lec-18 Complexity(Efficiency) of Algorithms
Lec-19 Asymptotic Growth Functions
Lec-20 Asymptotic Analysis of Algorithms
Lec-21 Data Structuring
Lec-22 Search Trees
Lec-23 Search Trees-II
Lec-24 Search Trees-III
Lec-25 2-3 Trees
Lec-26 Algorithm Design-I
Lec-27 Algorithm Design-II
Lec-28 Algorithm Design-III
Lec-29 Graphs-I
Lec-30 Graphs-II
Lec-31 Graphs-III