Prestressed Concrete Structures

Prestressed Concrete Structures
Lectures by Prof. A.K.Sengupta Department of Civil Engineering IIT Madras
Lecture 1 - Prestressing System
Lecture-2-Type of Prestressing
Lecture-3-Prestressing System and Devices(Pre-Tensioning)
Lecture-4-Prestressing System and Devices(Post-Tensioning)
Lecture-7-Prestressing Steel
Lecture-8-Losses in Prestress
Lecture-9-Friction&Anchorage Slip
Lecture-10-Creep,Shrinkage&Relaxation Losses
Lecture-11-Analysis of Members
Lecture-12-Analysis of Members Under Flexure
Lecture-13-Cracking Moment,Kern Point and Pressure Line
Lecture-14-Analysis of Rectangular sections
Lecture-15-Analysis of Flanged Sections
Lecture-16-Analysis of Partically Prestressed Section
Lecture-17-Design of Members
Lecture-18-Design of Members for Flexure (Type1 Members)
Lecture-19-Design of Members for Flexure (Type1&Type3)
Lecture-20-Choice of Sections and Determination of Limiting
Lecture-21-Magnel's Graphical Method
Lecture-22-Detailing Requirements
Lecture-23-Analysis and Design for Shear and Torsion
Lecture-24-Design for Shear (Part 1)
Lecture-25-Design for Shear (Part 2)
Lecture-26-Analysis of Torsion
Lecture-27-Analysis of Torsion(Part -1)
Lecture-28-Analysis of Torsion(Part -2)
Lecture-29-Calculations of Deflection and Crack Width
Lecture-30-Transmission of Prestress
Lecture-31-Post-tensioned Members
Lecture-32-Cantilever Beams
Lecture-33-Continuous Beams(Part 1)
Lecture-34-Continuous Beams(Part 2)
Lecture-35-Composite Sections
Lecture-36-One-Way Slabs
Lecture-37-Two-Way Slabs(Part-1)
Lecture-38-Two-Way Slabs(Part-2)
Lecture-39-compression Members