Electronic Design and Automation

Electronic Design and Automation
Lecture Series on Electronic Design and Automation by Prof.I.Sengupta, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kharagpur.
Lec-1 Introduction
Lec-2 Verilog: Part-I
Lec-3 Verilog: Part-II
Lec-4 Verilog: Part-III
Lec-5 Verilog: Part-IV
Lec-6 Verilog: Part-V
Lec-7 Verilog: Part-VI
Lec-8 Synthesis: Part-I
Lec-9 Synthesis: Part-II
Lec-10 Synthesis: Part-III
Lec-11 Synthesis: Part-IV
Lec-12 Synthesis: Part-V
Lec-13 Synthesis: Part-VI
Lec-14 Synthesis: Part-VII
Lec-15 Backend Design: Part-I
Lec-16 Backend Design: Part-II
Lec-17 Backend Design: Part-III
Lec-18 Backend Design: Part-IV
Lec-19 Backend Design Part-V
Lec-20 Backend Design Part-VI
Lec-21 Backend Design Part-VII
Lec-22 Backend Design Part-VIII
Lec-23 Backend Design Part-IX
Lec-24 Backend Design Part-X
Lec-25 Backend Design Part-XI
Lec-26 Backend Design Part-XII
Lec-27 Backend Design Part-XIII
Lec-28 Backend Design Part-XIV
Lec-29 Backend Design Part-XV
Lec-30 Testing-Part-I
Lec-31Testing Part-II
Lec-32 Testing Part-III
Lec-33 Testing Part-IV
Lec-34 Testing Part-V