Electro Magnetic Fields

Electro Magnetic Fields
Lectures by Prof. harishankar Ramachandran Department of Electrical Engineering IIT Madras
Lecture-1-Introduction to Vector
Lecture-2-Introduction to vector(contd..........)
Lecture-3-Coulomb's Law
Lecture-4-Electric Field
Lecture-5-Electro Static Potential
Lecture-6-The Gradient
Lecture-7-Gauss's Law
Lecture-8-Poisson's Equation
Lecture-9-Energy in the Field
Lecture-10-Example Problems in Eletro Statics
Lecture-11-Fields in Materials
Lecture-12-Fields in Material Bodies
Lecture-13-Displacement Vector
Lecture-15-Method Of Image
Lecture-16-Poisson's Equation 2Dimensions
Lecture-17-Field near Sharp Edges and Points
Lecture-18-Magnetic Field--1
Lecture-19-Magnetic Field-2
Lecture-20-Stokes Theorems
Lecture-21-The Curl
Lecture-22-Field Due to Current Loop
Lecture-23-Ampere's Law
Lecture-24-Examples of Ampere,s Law
Lecture-26-Mutual Inductance
Lecture 27 Faraday's law
Lecture-28-Magnetic Energy
Lecture-29-Magnetic Energy-1
Lecture-30-Magnetic Energy-2
Lecture-31-Generalised Ampere's Law
Lecture-32-The Wave Equation
Lecture-33-Wave Equation
Lecture-34-Poynting Theorem
Lecture-35-Skin Effect
Lecture-36-Skin Effect (Continued)
Lecture-38-Phasor Form of Poynting Theorem
Lecture-39-Reflection at Dielectric boundaries
Lecture - 40 Reflection at Dielectric boundaries (Continued)
Lecture-41-Transmission Lines